Notice to all users of SiteHandler on NA2 instance

SiteHandler NA2 application has been upgraded to the latest platform version - R3H

Please Note : Below are the supported browsers for new SiteHandler version R3H:
(a). Internet Explorer 8 and 9
(b). Mozilla Firefox 12 and above

Welcome to the Global NA2 SiteHandler server
Server location: Alpharetta, GA, United States
Release 3H
Latest patch - 3.0.2.R06

For External User (Suppliers, FSO, Customers) services requests, please send requests to:

For Internal User (Ericsson FTE and ARP) service requests, enter a ticket into ITSM. Instructions below:
RNAM Service Request Guide �

Additional information can be found on the Ericsson Intranet

RNAM SiteHandler Support and User Access Information:

Global SiteHandler IT Catalog home page: